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Reviews for Lisa Golda in Buffalo Nation at Present Music (2012)

From Elaine Schmidt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Present Music gave a completely entrancing world premiere of Kitzke and Masterson’s ‘Buffalo Nation (Bison bison)’ Saturday at the Indian Community School in Franklin, combing images, stories, poetry, music and sound effects in the circular space of the school’s ‘drum’ room. . .Kitzke and Masterson created a compelling, coherent account of the long, tragic history of the American bison and the Native American cultures that depended upon the creature for survival, taking the story into the present, with the bison’s resurgence. Present Music artistic director Kevin Stalheim led a cohesive, polished ensemble consisting of vocalist/actor Kurt Ollmann, actors Joel Kopischke, Norman Moses, Alison Mary Forbes and Lisa Golda.

Reviews for Lisa Golda in The Exonerated at Next Act Theatre (2011)

From Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“…among several 2011 standouts…”

From Russ Bickerstaff,Shepherd-Express

“…strong performances from everyone in the cast”

From Damien Jaques,

“…solid ensemble acting.”

Reviews for Lisa Golda in The Great American Trailer Park Musical at Carte Blanche Studios (2011)

From Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Special kudos to Golda and Paige, who give the show’s stand-out performances while also serving, respectively, as vocal director and choreographer.”

From Jeff Grygny,

“The play comes from a women’s perspective, and these actresses don’t miss a thing, giving smart, detailed and believable performances, proving that women can do comedy– in vertiginous heels at that!What they bring most of is tremendous heart. Lisa Golda, as the trailer park queen brings worldly savvy and great sense of humor..”

Reviews for Lisa Golda in It’s Your Mother! at the Boulevard Ensemble Studio Theatre (2010)

From “Curtains”, Russ Bickerstaff’s blog

” . .the really impressive thing about this production is an opportunity to see some remarkably talented actresses doing tantalizingly short bits onstage.

In addition to Lisa Golda’s appearances in the voicemail bits, she also appears alongside the endearing Marion Araujo in Home For Thanksgiving. . .The rapport between Golda and Araujo is fun in one of the better shorts in the series. The charm of the short lies just as much in the emotional connection between the two actresses as it does any of the dialogue’s comic lines.”

From Anne Siegel,

“Interestingly, mothers rarely appear in the show’s series of vignettes. More often, they appear in snippets, often lasting 30 seconds or less, to relay voicemails to their children’s answering machines. . .Only one is truly hilarious – when a mother (Lisa Golda) begins singing a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” to her son’s answering machine, only to remember about half-way through that she dialed her daughter’s number instead. (Gee, didn’t the phone message tip her off?)”

Reviews for Lisa Golda in Shakespeare’s Macbeth at Off the Wall Theatre (2010)

From Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention the witches (Lisa Golda, Tom Welcenbach and Marilyn White). Gutzman leaves them onstage, where their haggard faces bore into ours as we watch them, sharing the same ghostly visions that first spook Macbeth and then destroy him.”

From Russ Bickerstaff’s blog, “Curtains”, Shepherd-Express

“And with Gutzman’s instincts, it’s not surprising that elements of this production do outshine both the APT and the late Milwaukee Shakespeare productions. One of those is one of the witches: Lisa Golda makes my Three Weird Sisters all-stars. . .Here Golda looks really impressive as a contemporary witch. . .semi-goth, neo-pagan, pseudo-Wiccan sort of look about her that lurks around the corner of the stage quite aesthetically. . The character has that kind of preternatural wisdom about her. . .it’s a very cool look that adds an immeasurably pleasant kind of subtlety to the production.”

From Russ Bickerstaff, Shepherd-Express

“A memorable, stylish performance by Lisa Golda as one of the witches is among the elements that make the show worth seeing.”

Reviews for Lisa Golda in Sondheim’s musical comedy Company at Off the Wall Theatre (2009)

From Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Playing two of the few characters in Company whose emotions legitimately are right on the surface, Liz Mistele (Marta) and Heather Reynolds (Amy) deliver. So, too, does Lisa Golda, whose poised and polished performance as Jenny easily is the best thing in the show.”

From Damien Jaques,

“Newcomer Lisa Golda, playing Jenny, is a huge find for Off the Wall producer-director Dale Gutzman. The owner of a big operatically-trained voice, Golda is bursting with poise, polish and energy.”

From Russ Bickerstaff, Shepherd-Express

“There are a number of other really interesting non-musical dramatic moments in the play. Possibly the most interesting one involved a really thoughtful and sensitive realization of a very subtle and nuanced conversation over a joint between Robert, David (Lawrence J. Lukasavage) and his wife Jenny (Lisa Golda). Golda, Lukasavage, and George have an impressively insightful look into the nature of human communication. It’s captivating. . .”